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Art Education.

 In the service I began drawing or reading for extended periods. Discharged, I moved to Greenwich Village, worked as a programmer, and showed my drawings outside Washington Square Park. 
I was there when we walked on the moon.

I drew at lunch and under street lamps, developed this pointillist style and met many outstanding individuals.
I sold little, but saved enough to leave the job.
Painted murals in Village clubs and did shows.

Atlantic City Boardwalk, Ann Arbor, Virginia Beach,
Powers Crossroads GA, Brooklyn Hts, San Antonio's Starving Artist Show, Chicago to Florida to Cape Cod.
Spent more doing the shows than I could make.

So much time to draw, waiting for that customer.
It was time to return to the job and start a family.
25 years later, I draw and paint
and with no TV, lose track of time.

My more complex drawings begin in pencil.
Most start with a few widely spaced ink dots,
which I connect with more dots or not. Lots of dots.
Lots of dots and a tight scribble in the darkest areas.
H.Wagstaff Gribble cataloged this work as Pointillumbrism.


Born in Denver, Moved to Queens.
Air Force in 66. Married in NY, 1970
The Village to Chinatown to Brooklyn.
The girls arrive. Unmarried in 1990.

My girls live in Boston and Brooklyn.
My Mom is in Great Neck, my brother in Vermont.
My sister and family are in a place called California.


Thank you for visiting my show.

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Just for the wall in your cave, fine. Just let me know.
If you are going to make me happy, rich or famous..

January 2003.

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